Opus 92 Travel Agency was founded in 1992 aiming to serve international and domestic travelers with the highest level of comfort and hospitality.
The company is owned operated by two businessmen from Istanbul with Greek heritage. Therefore, the foundations of the company are based on a concept highly familiar to both Greek and Turkish culture.  Consequently, Opus 92 has reached a wide scope of travelers of Greek inheritance at an international level, enabling them to experience the delight of traveling through Turkey, in a warm and friendly atmosphere.
As a result of its growing client profile, Opus 92 has grown over the years working with some of the largest tour operators in Greece, running tours to Turkey, while serving the Istanbul Greek Orthodox Patriarchate with all its organizational and travel requirements.  Through the years, Opus 92 has become the selected Tour Operator, DMC, F.I.T. And Event Organizer agency for numerous European and American companies, reaching high levels of growth based on customer satisfaction. 

Opus 92 operates with a highly professional crew dedicated to achieving customer oriented service working to satisfy their requirements concerning their travel itineraries both on a group or individual basis. 
The principal activities of the company includes the organizing of domestic and international tour package deals, transportation requirements for the clients, hotel bookings, and additional “Incentives Programs” specially tailored for individual company needs, as well as special interest groups.  In addition to the latter activities, Opus 92 Travel Agency organizes weddings and baptism ceremonies in Istanbul for those Greek families seeking to experience such events in the historical context of Istanbul’s overall atmosphere.   

Opus 92 believes that only those companies having proactive customer oriented approach will prosper in today’s increasingly demanding global environment.  Accordingly, there is continued investment and effort made towards our infrastructure and personnel, from our part.

Our company is proud to present it’s customers with the utmost competitive prices with the best quality of service.  For the past five years Opus 92 has been ranked among the top three travel agencies for booking and services by Istanbul’s 5 Star Luxury Hotels.

We are looking forward for a professional representation of our company in the market and a  fruitfull co-operation in the near future.
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Adress : Carsi Agasi Sok. No:8 34347 Ortaköy-Istanbul-Turkey
Tel: + 90 (212) 327 3400
Fax: + 90 (212) 236 6180
GSM: + 90 (552) 322 3369
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